Wheal Tye

Mining for tin and copper at this site near Porthtowan had a long history, but the structures most clearly visible today date from the 1920s, when the mine - then known as West Towan - was being trialled for re-working by the London Tin Syndicate Ltd. These are a rare survival of Cornish inter-war metalliferous mining features, and their inclusion in the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site reflects both their national and international importance.

  • Conservation and consolidation of the site

PWH Conservation Consultants drew up a plan for works which were undertaken by specialist contractors Kingston Construction during 2015. Consolidation work has been undertaken on the chimney, flue and count house where concrete, the original material, has been used to protect and repair the surviving structures. The work has been made possible through generous funding from Natural England under the Higher Level Stewardship scheme.

For further information on Wheal Tye, please see the PDF of the on-site interpretation panel HERE