Trevithick Tuesdays at East Pool Mine

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

East Pool Mine have announced they will be holding an event called Trevithick Tuesdays. Named after Richard Trevithick of Camborne; Cornwall’s most famous engineer. He is credited with the introduction of high-pressure steam and a series of historic innovations. Putting aside the doubts of previous engineers about wear and tear and safety, Trevithick recognised high-pressure steam as the way ahead; the key to the development of more powerful, and portable, engines.

Trevithick Tuesdays will be a family day of science and craft based activities, giving the opportunity to learn about East Pool Mine's giant steam engines. Attendees will have the chance to try making goose feather fuses, giant bubbles and the very popular 'Great Egg Drop Challenge'. 

The first Trevithick Tuesday was held on the 3rd of April but will be repeated on Tuesday the 10th of April next week. The event will continue on dates to be announced throughout the year with lots of opportunities for people to put their scientific abilities to the test and measure themselves against the great Richard Trevithick.