Cornish Mining World Heritage Site featured in a new guidebook

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Cornwall and West Devon World Heritage Site has been honoured with a mention in a brand new guide book on Cornwall. “Eat Surf Live” is a travel guide with a difference, using beautiful photography and illustrations, heartfelt reviews of local spots and even recipes, the book truly showcases Cornwall and the huge variety of what it has to offer.

The book glides through sections of Cornwall picking up local producers, eateries, outings and accommodation along the way. The people of Cornwall come to life in this book, with their stories and tips shared throughout, it really feels as though Cornwall itself wrote it.

The favourite section of ours is of course the mining section. In the centre of the book is a 6 page section outlining the World Heritage Site of Cornwall; giving a lovely explanation of the site and our UNESCO status. The book also gives a great range of activities to do within the site. Picking up on some of our World Heritage key centres; Geevor Tin Mine and Heartlands the book gives a great overview of the Cornish Mining Heritage and how visitors could make the most of seeing it.

Our industrial heritage is so integral to our Cornish landscape and culture but is sometimes overlooked as a travel guide attraction so it is lovely to see a book which has not only taken the time to really showcase the true Cornwall but has also beautifully highlighted the internationally significant  mining heritage of our beautiful county.

Make sure to check out page 148 in your copies to read all about us!