Mining in Somerset

Burrow Farm Mine, Brendon Hills, Somerset

The Burrow Farm Mine was established around 1860 for iron ore (haematite) and by 1868 the excavations had progressed to the stage where a pumping engine was required to dewater the workings. A 25 inch Cornish beam engine was installed at this time by the then Mine Captain Henry Skewis from Cornwall, though the ore reserves were to prove uneconomic and the mine closed the following year. Today the preserved engine house can be visited via footpaths along the former mineral railway track bed from Naked Boy’s Bridge.   

Dodington, Quantock Hills, Somerset

Cornish mineworkers are known to have been employed in copper mining on the Quantocks from the late eighteenth century. The Fox family of Cornwall were to have extensive mining interests in the Dodington area, and Samuel and Matthew Grose and William Jenkin, of Redruth, were employed to manage the mines themselves which were to close in 1822. Two engine houses survive associated with the mines, at the Beech Grove and Glebe shafts respectively.