Cornish Mining in the Isle of Man

The Great Laxey Lead and Zinc Mine

Once a major producer of these two metals the mine also saw the installation of the, what would become famous, Laxey Wheel (‘Lady Isabella’) in 1854. Installed to pump from deepening workings, this was overseen by the Cornish Mine Captain Richard Rowe originally of St Agnes who also secured a beam winding engine for the mine in addition to constructing ‘Rowe’s Pier’ at Laxey. 


Mining commenced in the Foxdale area for silver-lead in the early eighteenth century but Cornish involvement is understood to have commenced around 100 years later. Edward Bawden became manager of the Isle of Man Mining Company in 1830 and the number of Cornish engine houses in the area is an indication of the significance of the Cornish presence, with remains of these surviving at North and South Bradda mines, Beckwith’s Mine, and Cross-vein.